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Brevard County Commission Wants To Weaken Policy Group

(Titusville, FL) -- Two Brevard County boards are at odds over who should have decision-making power during the pandemic. The county commission voted yesterday to ask the county attorney to look into weakening the power of the county's policy group, which is currently in charge because an emergency has been declared. Commissioners want the policy group to be reduced to an advisory role. Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Health announced yesterday another 13 COVID-19 cases in Brevard, which brings its total to 92 with zero deaths. 

Jacksonville Man Describes Frustration With Unemployment Website

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The governor is promising changes to a process a Jacksonville man calls maddening. Kevin Briscoe is one of many who lost his job during the pandemic, but he ran into difficulty trying to apply for unemployment benefits. He couldn't get through online or on the phone, and yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis announced improvements are in the works. Briscoe wound up mailing in his application for unemployment benefits, and he tells News4Jax it's scary when much-needed help is so hard to get. 

Thousands of laid off and furloughed workers in Florida are trying to apply for unemployment benefits. But many have not been able to, because of problems with the unemployment website. Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday that progress is being made in fixing it. Part of that involves bringing in 72 new servers from Orlando to Tallahassee to increase the website's capacity, and getting hundreds of workers from other state departments to help out. The governor says the system can now handle up to 120-thousand simultaneous jobless claims.

Tampa's Mayor Rejects Call To Close Part Of Bayshore Boulevard After Crash

(Tampa, FL) -- In order to flatten the curve, Tampa's mayor is resisting calls to close a street that was the scene of another deadly crash. Two people were killed this weekend when a motorcycle and bicycle collided on Bayshore Boulevard, where three others were killed in the last couple years. Members of Walk Bike Tampa sent Mayor Jane Castor a letter asking her to close part of the road to ensure safety, but Castor said yesterday the road will remain open. She tweeted that closing the street would make it a more attractive recreation spot, which could lead to people gathering in large groups and violating social distancing guidelines. 

Convention Center To Become Temporary Hospital

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Efforts are underway to help hospitals as they deal with a growing number of coronavirus patients in Miami-Dade County. The Defense Department announced yesterday the Miami Beach Convention Center will be converted into a temporary hospital. Work is expected to finish April 27th. 

Miami Beach Requires Masks In Public

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Miami Beach has a new order in place the mayor says could save lives. Mayor Dan Gelber recently announced that shoppers must wear masks inside stores and restaurants. He says the masks can be as simple as a bandanna, handkerchief or a scarf as long as it covers your nose and mouth. Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor.  

Disney Launches 'Magic Moments' Website To Keep Kids Entertained

(Burbank, CA) -- Disney is sprinkling more pixie dust on kids quarantined at home. The company just launched a new website called 'Magic Moments.' It offers free activities and videos for kids including the animated series "At Home with Olaf" voiced by Josh Gad. Other celebrities are featured sharing their favorite bedtime stories. Families can also go on a virtual 'It's a Small World' boat ride at parks around the world.

Louisiana Police Using 'Purge' Siren For Coronavirus Curfew

(Crowley, LA) -- Some police in Louisiana are getting creative in announcing the local coronavirus curfews to residents. Video captured police cars in Crowley blaring a siren which seemed to sound similar to the one used in the "Purge" movies as they patrolled empty streets. In the films, the signal is typically used to announced that all laws are suspended for a 12-hour period. Officials say they did not realize the origin of the sound and will not use it moving forward. 

Australian Man Breaks Required Self-Quarantine To See Girlfriend

(Australia) -- An Australian man is facing a fine of up to 50-thousand dollars after breaking self-quarantine to see his girlfriend. West Australian Police say the 35-year-old was ordered to isolate himself at a Perth hotel after arriving from Victoria. However, he is said to have snuck out days later because he wanted to see his girlfriend, even using public transportation to do so. Hotel officials report that the man was seen out of his room on at least five occasions despite being caught and told not to leave the first time. Prosecutors say the man was denied bail because he showed no care for the state's Emergency Management Act.


2004, citing no new leads and case overload, San Francisco police deactivated the case of the "Zodiac Killer" after a more than 30 year investigation. The serial killer taunted and terrorized Northern California residents for several years. The "Zodiac Killer" is blamed for committing at least five brazen murders in 1968 and 1969 and sending taunting letters containing zodiac signs to police and newspapers.

1984, the Census Bureau reported Los Angeles had overtaken Chicago as the nation's "second city" in terms of population.

1980, President Jimmy Carter broke off diplomatic relations with Iran and ordered out all Iranian embassy staff because of the detention of the U.S. embassy hostages in Tehran.

1948, the U.N. established the World Health Organization.

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