Brevard Commission Fiddles While Rona Burns

It’s to the point we never thought we’d see.It’s almost as if we are in a bad episode of Logan’s Run or Running Man.The RONA has placed us in a Sci-Fi life.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see the extremes the media will employ to trash conservatives.Or maybe they just don’t understand Christianity.

A Navy Captain was removed from the job for a public outing of the condition of his ship.As for the concern he exhibited for his sailors- that’s commendable.The lapse in judgment in letting the letter get out to the public- that’s why he’s fired.The acting Secretary of the Navy decided to address the ships compliment…and he made it worse.It was all brought on by THE RONA.

Florida’s unemployment system never expected to be hit by the sheer numbers it has been due to the economic impact of social distancing.The system wasn’t broken; it was taxed beyond its capabilities.The state is taking steps to alleviate that.

Locally, our county commission had a meeting yesterday.Why?Not for any reasonable purpose.It was bickering and bloviating session as the chair puffed up over being challenged by John Tobia and the others.There may have been a good outcome.Instead of Bryan Lober’s tantrum driven decision to have a meeting every day after the commission did not support the policy board’s beach closing vote, we’ll now only have commission meeting when there are actually decisions to be made.In a social distancing environment that actually makes some sense.

MEME of the Day:

Photo of an alien, hands raised in exasperation saying, “THIS is why we probe you!”

If you own or manage a restaurant, you and your employees could be facing tough times.We have a new web page for you called Space Coast to can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.


Welcome to our Sci-Fi life

In a Handbasket:

·Media to anti-conservative extremes

Coronavirus-New today:

Navy Captain removed, shamed by Acting Sec

Acting Sec apologizes for mishandled address

State increases staff for unemployment claims

County Commission bickers in useless meeting

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The Usual Suspects:

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