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DeSantis Blamed For New Executive Order

(Tampa, FL) -- A new executive order from Tallahassee isn't sitting well with some Hillsborough County officials. Governor Ron DeSantis signed an order yesterday that says the state's Safer-at-Home order overrides all local restrictions, like those that closed churches to prevent people from gathering in large groups. The order went into effect at 12:01 this morning. State Attorney Andrew Warren tweeted this will only cause confusion, and County Commissioner Pat Kemp wrote in a letter to DeSantis that this is a perilous and likely deadly act.

DeSantis Announces Eviction Relief

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Those worried about losing their homes may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday he's suspending all evictions and foreclosures for 45 days. Homeowners and renters are still required to make their regularly-scheduled payments, though. Also, DeSantis authorized the state to hire 100 more workers to help handle the increase in unemployment claims. 

Holland America Ship Docks At Port Everglades

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Dozens of cruise ship passengers are in quarantine at Port Everglades. Holland America's MS Zaandam docked yesterday, but 76 people, including 26 passengers, remain onboard under observation. Another 13 were taken off the ship to the hospital. Port officials say over 12-hundred people on the Zaandam and another Holland America ship were healthy enough to be allowed to go home.

Volusia County Closes Beaches

(Tallahassee, FL) -- The beaches are now off limits in Volusia County. The county manager announced last night that all beaches are closed for 30 days as of 12:01 this morning. The county also announced yesterday two programs are available to help residents with rent and utilities. You can find out more at Volusia.org. According to Sheriff Wayne Ivey that leaves Brevard as the only beaches open on Florida’s east coast.

Disney Announces Upcoming Furloughs

(Orlando, FL) -- Disney workers will soon feel the economic impact of the coronavirus. Walt Disney Company announced last night it will furlough workers starting on April 19th, but the company didn't say how many employees would be let go. Since Disney World closed last month, it has continued to pay workers, but the company says with no idea when they'll be able to re-open, they're forced to make the difficult decision to cut jobs that aren't necessary at this time. The company says furloughed workers will still have their healthcare benefits.

St. Johns County Cancels High School Graduation

(St. Augustine, FL) -- Some St. Johns County students will miss out on an annual rite of spring because of the coronavirus. Superintendent Tim Forson announced yesterday all traditional high school graduations are canceled. He says it was a very difficult decision, but COVID-19 could continue to be a threat even into the summer. Graduations will be held virtually, and details will be announced later. 

USF Doctor Questions Six-Feet Separation Guideline

(Tampa, FL) -- A USF doctor is questioning one of the basic guidelines of social distancing. The CDC and others have recommended keeping six feet of separation from others around you, but USF Health and Tampa General Dr. John Sinnott doubts that's far enough. He says six feet is actually a best guess, and he thinks it's too short. He tells 10News he believes the coronavirus can spread much further than six feet when someone sneezes, and he compares it to like what happens when you spray an aerosol can.

Officers Chase Loose Moose Through Town

(Rexburg, ID) -- A moose on the loose. That's what neighbors in Idaho saw outside their windows. The animal strolled through a snow-covered cul-de-sac, wandering into yards as homeowners snapped photos. It then ran through town. And right on his tail -- police and wildlife officers. They chased the moose for a few hours and finally tranquilized it behind a church. The animal was later released in a safe area.

Get Paid $200 To Watch Disney Movie, Free Subscription

(Undated) -- A new Disney dream job is making wishes come true. The website 'Review-dot-org' will pay ten lucky people to watch one movie on Disney-plus. The job includes a free subscription for a year and 200-bucks. The site says it's a little something to make life easier amid all the social distancing. Go online for details and apply by April 10th.

Internet Trolls Crashing Zoom Meetings

(Undated) -- As many Americans stay at home, online pranksters are getting their kicks by trolling Zoom meetings. Various media outlets report more and more virtual trespassers are invading gatherings held on the video conferencing software every day. Some A.A. meetings in New York say strangers "Zoom-bombed" them, shouting about how alcohol was so good and holding up bottles of whiskey on camera. The FBI in Boston said "bad actors" invaded some virtual classrooms to make crude jokes. There are even message forums on sites like 4chan and Discord that list Zoom meeting IDs so they can be trolled. Organizations like the New York Inter-group Association have now published guidelines on how to set up security settings to deter possible intruders.


2010, Apple released the iPad in the U.S. Three-million devices were sold within the first 80 days of its release.

1996, FBI officials raided a cabin in Montana and arrested former college professor and suspected Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski.

1953, "TV Guide" was published for the first time. 

1944, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that barring blacks from voting in the Texas Democratic primaries violated the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

1882, notorious outlaw Jesse James died at the age of 34. He was shot to death in Missouri by a member of his own gang.

1860, Pony Express mail service began in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

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