I see it happening and can’t believe it. Suddenly, because of something that doesn’t appear as deadly as the annual flu, we have leaders advocating for citizens to inform on fellow Americans who just happen to be from the wrong place.

We have checkpoints coming into Florida. Undesirables are being turned back or placed in quarantine. In some states law enforcement and National Guard troops are being utilized to seek out these unclean dangers to society. In Tampa a pastor has been arrested for holding religious services contrary to government’s social distancing orders.

And now, one area representative wants loyal citizens to inform authorities when they observe suspected undesirables in our area. He's even gone as far as to call these American travelers criminals.

How are these undesirables to be identified you may ask. It’s easy. It’s by a mark they wear. No, not on their bodies or their clothes, but on their vehicles. If a car has a New York license plate its undesirable occupants would be reported by the loyal subject of the crown.

Where in history have we seen government officials turn the public on itself? I’m sure there is more than one instance. It’s very interesting that this representative does not recognize the similarity of his actions to those of from such dark times in history.

That some people are cheering this idea is shocking. They eagerly await the opportunity to turn in the undesirable who brings death by his very presence! We’ve seen that before, too.

It's my fear that the actions of man will do far more harm to the United States and its people than a virus ever could.

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