Brevard Commission/Policy Group at Odds

THE RONA doesn’t take the weekend off.There has been a ton of activity since we last met and we’ll try to catch up with it today.Running in the background of all this is the presidential election in November.THE RONA isn’t helping Democratic front-runner Joe Biden and ole Joe doesn’t seem to be helping himself.IN A HANDBASKET takes a look at us turning on each other over THE RONA.

Here in Brevard we closed the beaches, and then we didn’t. Then some cities did.The County Commission and Policy Board find themselves in a quandary and it’s not over yet.Commission and Policy Board Chair Bryan Lober is acting like a child (not that this behavior is unusual for him) and it’s time Brevard got better from its elected officials.

Florida is setting up highway checkpoints to warn travelers from THE RONA hotspots to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon arrival.The President has signed the stimulus bill and added the month of April to the social distancing guidelines.He also invoked the Defense Production Act.

As with any government decisions, especially with spending, there are differing opinions of what’s appropriate, extreme example of misuse of funds and plenty of blame to go around.

In our final hour we’ll talk with Wayne Price, longtime news reporter and current PR pro with the Space Coast Health Foundation about messaging and Brevard’s reaction to THE RONA.

MEME of the Day:

Believe in yourself, even if nobody else does. - Sasquatch

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The RONA isn’t helping Joe Biden; neither is he

In a Handbasket:


Coronavirus-New today:

Beaches CLOSED.No, they’re not; well, some are

Lober/commission at odds

Florida sets up checkpoints for “hotspot” visitors

Social Distancing Guidelines- add April

President signs Stimulus bill

Invokes Defense production Act

What to know with Stimulus, etc.

Here’s how our tax dollars are being abused

New Orleans mayor waits for Federal direction, apparently

THE RONA-It’s the Evangelical Christians’ Fault!

More coronavirus News in play:

Layoffs/unemployment hit Brevard due to the Rona

Is it THE RONA, the flu or allergies?

THE RONA brings the scams

PA Supremes allow gun store closures (but governor backs off underlying order)

Suddenly unemployed- what to do

Virus response threatens our society

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