Music, especially country music, speaks of life and helps us relate to each other in good times and in bad.

In that spirit (and that of lighthearted amusement), this week I offer THE PANDEMIC PLAYLIST, or country songs that should have been written by now. I hope you enjoy it and that maybe it inspires you in meme or other creative efforts.

I’m All Alone (not that I want to be)

I Was Fine Till You Came Back (from China)

I’ll Trade My Horse and Trailer for a Pack of Toilet Paper

The Rona Went Down to Georgia

The Don’t Come Back Saloon

Home Sweet Home Ain’t So Sweet Since the Kids are Out of School

Working from Home (It’s like working at the office except that there’s more noise)

When All the Toilet Paper’s Gone

Vacant Hallways at the Office

Bein’ Elected Don’t Make Ya Smart

The Gambler and The Rona

I Went Lookin’ for Charmin and Came Home with Sandpaper

Home Alone Ain’t Just a Movie Anymore

If This Virus was the Flu I’d be Sittin’ Next to You

Just Keep Your Virus to Yourself

If You’re Gonna Touch Me, Baby-Make It Worth My While

Played the Lottery, Never Hit It; But This Virus, I Will Get It

Just Two Genders Get THE RONA- Makes You Wonder Why

If We Could Only Find a Virgin (to toss in the volcano)

Get Close to Me Again and I’ll Spray You Down with Lysol

Everyone at Walmart Looks Like Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Dixie Was Just Fine Until the Yankees Came to Town

You’re on the Virus Side of Me

Now That I Am Home, Just When Did We Have 3 Kids?

Who’s This Lady in My House Cookin’ Breakfast- I Think I Like Her

I Didn’t Appreciate Teachers Till the Kids Were Out of School

Take ‘Em Back (the back to school song from Rocky)

Who’s This Guy Working in My Den- He Sounds a Lot Like My Husband

If Loving You is Wrong- I Certainly Don’t Want Your Virus

When the Bars All Close (we’re drinkin’ together at home)

Please, Mister, Please (don’t play CV-19)

The Cowards of the County (what’ll they close next cold season?)

I Wish You Could Have Turned Your Head and Coughed on Someone Else

When Looters Come (you’ll wish you bought ammo instead of Charmin)

Toilet Paper Hoarders Have All the Pretty Girls

Pandemic Paranoia, Boy It Can Sure Annoy Ya

Time on My Hands (I hope it’s not infected)

When This is All Over (the party’s goin’ on)

Put Your Hand in the Hand- On Second Thought NO TOUCHING

Remember Revenuers? Have you seen one leave this holler?

What’s a Quarantine? All my kids are growed up!

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