A Weekend of Change

It was an isolation weekend, or so it seemed.If you’re a sci-fi fan the next season of ALTERED CARBON is out on Netflix.I binged it Saturday and Sunday.It wasn’t complete isolation though.I made a store ruin and saw people looking like STAR WARS bounty hunters in their anti-virus protective gear.I had coffee with a friend on my back porch and I met a new friend at Walmart on that store run.

IN A HANDBASKET is virus related as the brainiacs at Yale and Harvard think the virus gets them a pass on classes, or rather k in classes.

My conversation with friends over the weekend revolved around our response to the coronavirus and where the country is headed.What exactly do you do with people who are infected and refuse to self-quarantine?What can government restrict and how?Are we losing the republic?That was the last conversation with a friend last night who was issued a travel pass just yesterday.Did you read that correctly, we have papers that allow us to be out and about?Have we actually come to that?Illinois is under a “stay at home” order.New York has shut down non-essential businesses.Here in Florida restaurants are restricted to curb service, hospitals are restricted to emergency procedures only, other facilities are ordered closed and curfews are being implemented.Our governments at all levels are acting, we are reacting and hopefully it’s short term.It seems to me we have lost our passion for freedom.

Representative Tyler Sirois will join us at 8am by telephone to discuss the end of the legislative session and the state budget.

If you own or manage a restaurant, you and your employees could be facing tough times.We have a new web page for you called Space Coast to Go.You can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.

MEME of the Day:Has anyone tried tossing a virgin into a volcano yet?


Events from the weekend…or you never know just where a hillbilly will show up!

In a Handbasket:

·Geniuses at Yale, Harvard demand “universal pass”



New today:

Dems block relief bill

Suppressing Dissent

DOJ requests emergency powers…not a good thing

What can they do?

Illinois: Statewide Stay at Home Order

NY shuts down non-essential business

Orange/Osceola implement curfews

DeSantis orders hospitals: stop non-emergency procedures

Stops dine-in eating

Also closes more facilities

Brevard closes county offices, libraries

Bayer donates malaria drug to fight coronavirus

Biden to hold shadow briefings (campaigning on the virus)

Perhaps fighting the president’s surging approval ratings

News in play:

Prisons closed to new inmates

DeSantis orders bars closed, more

Schools remaining closed till April 15, remote classes coming

FSA (or whatever it’s called these days) out for this year

FT: Toilet Paper and Panic Shopping

FT’s Mara Bellaby- How the Press Does Its Job

Brevard bars, nightclubs to close for 30 days

Brevard jury trials suspended, courts open

A possible effective treatment and prevention

President invokes Defense Production Act

Surgeon General scolds media

The Usual Suspects:

We could launch astronauts from here in May

OPEN PRIMARIES to November ballot

Is Mitch McConnell saving the country?

The arrogance of the elected

Federal Appeals Court backs FL on Trans-inmate issue

US Soccer making the wrong argument

This could get me back into a Ford

Social Justice- a threat to freedom


What did not make it-killing CRC (there is time), others?

The 2020 legislative session over, budget done

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