Coronavirus: Changing How Brevard Does a Lot of Things

I fell in love with Evangeline Lilly in the first seconds of the TV show LOST.She may have solidified her status with me with her stance on isolation and the coronavirus. The girl values her freedom.

IN A HANDBASKET features a couple of stories where the freedoms to assemble and worship are under fire.

It’s not all bad news with THE RONA. If you own or manage a restaurant, you and your employees could be facing tough times as capacities are limited and customers don’t know if they should try eating out or not.We have a new web page for you called Space Coast to Go.You can list your hours and available services for our audience to find as they seek dining options.

Another positive change is with Central Florida toll roads.I have called for this since my first trip to the keys where tolls in South Florida are “toll by plate." It took THE RONA to make it happen here and now it is.

Florida Britt Kennerly has a reminder for us of just who we are, the helpers.

There are companies and the courts are taking steps to ease the burden on people who are financially challenged at this time.

And, even with the good news in play, most of us believe the media is responsible for exaggerating the situation with THE RONA causing fear and panic.California is a good example as Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered Californians to stay home.

So, my question for the day is: what positives are you seeing from our reaction to THE RONA?Is a business, church or individual down the street doing something that eases the stress?I want to hear about it today on BML.

MEME of the Day:Due to the short supply of cleaning products and disinfectants, dirty deeds will no longer be done dirt cheap.


LOST actress Evangeline Lilly won’t isolate

In a Handbasket:

·Too far?Cops break up outdoor prayer meeting



New today:

A positive change from THE RONA

Kennerly: look for the helpers

Companies, courts pause punitive financial acts

Most believe media has exaggerated risks

Newsom orders Californians to stay home

News in play:

Prisons closed to new inmates

DeSantis orders bars closed, more

Schools remaining closed till April 15, remote classes coming

FSA (or whatever it’s called these days) out for this year

FT: Toilet Paper and Panic Shopping

FT’s Mara Bellaby- How the Press Does Its Job

Brevard bars, nightclubs to close for 30 days

Brevard jury trials suspended, courts open

A possible effective treatment and prevention

President invokes Defense Production Act

Surgeon General scolds media

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