Coronavirus: Changing How Brevard Does Government

More information is becoming available as the Coronavirus impacts Florida.We have government reacting in different ways. Police stations are closing lobbies (a good move); the property appraiser and Tax Collector are closing offices to the public and changing how things are done (also good moves). Beaches are being left open, yet the geniuses who think they are in charge are closing nearby parking to the detriment of beach goers who just may become another category of THE WALKING DEAD. Florida prisons are closing to new inmates…and the burden on County Jails just got heavier.

Then there are our first responders. It’s not like they have immunity from the virus. NYPD has found that out in a big way. As we think of cops, IN A HANDBASKET takes us to Philadelphia where Corona-crime is apparently a thing. Talk about stupid government tricks, this is one!

There is also word on a treatment/preventative that shows effectiveness, but it’s an off label use.The president has invoked the Defense Production Act and the Surgeon General gave it to the media.

The Florida Legislature will convene to pass the state budget today. House members will be screened before being allowed into the chamber.The Senate also has measures in place prior to the vote.

Murder on the Space Coast is back and in our 8am hour Florida Today’s John Torres joins us by phone to lay out the new season and developments.


This is NOT social distancing, it may be divorce

In a Handbasket:

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Schools remaining closed till April 15, remote classes coming

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Brevard bars, nightclubs to close for 30 days

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President invokes Defense Production Act

Surgeon General scolds media

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