We're In...Transition

It’s the best word I have come up with to describe what the coronavirus has brought to us. Transition.

Facts are elusive. Most of us don’t have the medical expertise to make a definitive call on just what is happening and whether or not the reactions of government officials are correct or even prudent.

We have what we believe and what we feel. But belief and feeling don’t cut it. We need facts and those just aren’t forthcoming. Many are reacting based on those feelings and the results are panic buying and new regulation on business that will cause hardship for many.

I want to believe that government officials are acting on the best information available and in our best interest, yet find it hard to believe the results we are seeing are grounded in solid understanding. Restricting business and school operations in an effort to curb the spread of the virus when the numbers just don’t seem to add up leaves me, and maybe you, wondering.

So here we are in a state of...that word...transition. From where we were to where we’re going. We don’t yet know or see the destination. We also don’t like, in fact we detest, uncertainty.

What will define us now and in the future is that transition and how we handle it, what we make of it. It’s up to us. We can enter panic mode and make the worst of it. Or we can be the mature, responsible adults we like to think we are and make the best of whatever we face.

With faith and perseverance we’ll make it through, see the other side and have life as normal once again.

Now, if we only knew what that normal was going to look like...

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