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Brevard, Lake Counties Report First Coronavirus Cases

(Titusville, FL) -- Brevard County has its first case of the coronavirus. The county announced the case last night, but officials say they don't know the person's age or gender. Meanwhile, state health officials announced last night that Lake County also has its first COVID-19 case. The patient is a woman, but her age was not released, and it's believed her infection is travel-related.

Orange County Reports Coronavirus Death

(Orlando, FL) -- The coronavirus is responsible for the death of an Orange County woman. The county announced yesterday the 79-year-old woman died over the weekend. A county health official says the woman had an underlying medical condition. Another county resident died last week in California where she was treated after traveling from South Korea. 

Demings Looking For Guidance On Closing Bars And Restaurants

(Orlando, FL) -- Orange County's mayor believes the state isn't providing a clear direction on how to respond to the coronavirus. Mayor Jerry Demings said yesterday he's considering ordering bars and restaurants to close, but he doesn't know if he has the authority to do so. The governor has yet to announce a statewide closure, and Demings tells the Orlando Sentinel the state's indecisiveness is having a ripple effect at the local level. 

Jacksonville Mayor Announces Restrictions On Bars & Restaurants

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Changes are coming to stop what Jacksonville's mayor calls an extremely disturbing sight. Mayor Lenny Curry announced yesterday bars, restaurants, movie theaters and churches will have to restrict capacity to 50 people to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Curry says he made the decision after seeing crowds at bars and restaurants over the weekend. He adds it would have been irresponsible to not put a stop to that, and he urges everyone to do their part to flatten the curve. 

Volusia Lifeguards Want Beaches Closed

(DeLand, FL) -- There's a call to close one of the few places large amounts of people are still allowed to gather in Volusia County. The lifeguard's union yesterday asked county officials to close the beaches because of the coronavirus. The Volusia Watermen's Association says every day the beaches remain open, the virus spreads. County Council Chair Ed Kelley tells the News-Journal no decision has been made.

Precautions To Be Taken For Primary Voters

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Voting will still take place today, but voters will likely notice some changes. Primary election voters should notice hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes at their polling locations. Due to possible shortages, though, voters are encouraged to bring their own. Voters may also notice fewer poll workers as many have decided to stay home out of fear they may catch the virus.  

Deadly Police-Involved Shooting In Miami-Dade County

(Miami, FL) -- A man is dead after he was shot by a police officer in Miami-Dade County. It happened last night in Naranja. Police say the man had a gun to his head, and when an officer Tased him, the man shot at officers, who returned fire and killed him. No injuries were reported to officers, and the FDLE is investigating. 

Current Movies In Theaters Go On Demand Friday

(Universal City, CA) -- Movies on the big screen will be in homes this weekend as the coronavirus disrupts theaters. Universal Pictures is making current films like "The Invisible Man" and "The Hunt" available on demand. They can be rented starting Friday for 20-bucks for 48 hours. "Trolls World Tour" will also release on demand on April 10th, the same day it hits theaters.

Florida Man Allegedly Tries To Eat Stolen Debit Card At Disney World

(Orlando, FL) -- A Florida man is in custody after he was allegedly caught with a stolen debit card at Disney World. Police say 27-year-old Jose Herrera purchased gift cards amounting to 400 dollars and tried to buy 360-dollars' worth of jewelry before police confronted him at the Disney Springs shopping center last week. Officers who confronted Herrera report he tried to eat the debit card as they questioned him. He is said to have been found with a bag of white powder, said to be cocaine, and about 13 other fraudulent debit and credit cards. Police believe the suspect took the card from a deceased Ohio man. Herrera now faces several charges, including possession of cocaine and possession of a stolen credit card, among others. 


2009, crowds of demonstrators chanted "war criminal" and tossed shoes as they protested a visit by former President George W. Bush to Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Police arrested at least two protestors before the luncheon event, which cost 400 Canadian dollars a plate.

2008, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned after a scandal involving an escort. 

2005, after a contentious court battle, doctors removed the feeding tube that kept brain damaged Florida woman Terri Schiavo [[ SHY-vo ]] alive for 15 years. The right-to-die case received national attention, pitting Schiavo's husband, Michael, against her family.

1999, the International Olympic Committee expelled six of its members in the wake of a bribery scandal.

1958, the United States launched Vanguard One. It became the second U.S. satellite to orbit Earth.

1845, the rubber band was patented by Stephen Perry of London.

1737, St. Patrick's Day was celebrated publicly in the 13 colonies for the first time in Boston, Massachusetts.

461 A.D., St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland died. 

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