FL’s (almost) Governor Andrew Gillum: Politics on the Marion Berry Plan

The coronavirus remains our top news of the week. It’s hard to tell how long that will be the case.A national, state and local state of emergency suggests prudence in our interaction with each other.Overreaction by some officials would thrust this country into severe depression.How does the country plan to feed people they would ban from working who live payday to payday?How much authority does the government have to restrict business operations and our movements?What’s reasonable?More importantly, what’s not?

What’s media’s responsibility?What’s management’s liability for businesses that remain operational when the CDC and others say shutting down is the best option?Is there a heyday for John Morgan on the other end of this?

How are YOU reacting?What advice are you following?What did you do over the weekend?What’s ahead this week?

And, we haven’t lost touch with daily life and news.How did University of Dayton students react to school closing?

IN A HANDBASKET today takes us to Florida politics.They always told us in police work that if you don’t get the bad guy on this one, the bad guy always presents another opportunity.Enter Andrew Gillum who is apparently running his political career on the Marion Berry plan.Gillum was drunk (or otherwise impaired) off his feet in a hotel room with another man who had overdosed.Who knows what exactly went on, but we BARELY dodged this bullet in the governor’s office!Can hookers and blow be far behind?He’s at the least tolerant of the illicit behavior.No wonder he is so anti-cop!

We do have a primary election going on and tomorrow is the final day.Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott has our Presidential Primary Election update at 7:42.You can check your ballot status, keep tabs on results and more at votebrevard.com.

The legislature will be back in session this week to approve the budget.It’s $92m of fun and frivolity.

With so much in the news we’ve divided the daily show page into sections for easy reference.Give it a look for the stories we talk today…and the ones we’ll never had time to get to!Let’s get the week started.


Dayton students riot in celebration of cancellation

In a Handbasket:

·Gillum on the Marion Berry plan?

·Nude in hotel with male escort?

·Former candidate to enter rehab


VP Pence: all testing to be free

R bill would end US dependence on China pharmaceuticals

Travel ban to extend to UK and Ireland

County follows country, state in state of emergency

Brevard jury trials suspended, courts open

Surgeon General scolds media

Ohio official guessing, causing panic

Taking too much authority they don’t have?

The Primary Election:

Early voting ends- Election Day tomorrow

Polling Place Changes

The Usual Suspects:

The arrogance of the elected

Federal Appeals Court backs FL on Trans-inmate issue

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