Brevard Health Official Taking Cruise

Did your mother ever tell you to do what she said, not what she did?It seems one Brevard health official is in that mode!And maybe she’s onto something.She’s taking a cruise.While other colleges are heading to online classes next week or after spring break, Eastern Florida State may be a leader in common sense.They’re holding classes…for now.

IN A HANDBASKET will introduce us to a new term- STRAIGHT PRIVILEGE.We’ll talk about where it lives and how you benefit every day…or so some will tell us.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott has our Presidential Primary Election update at 7:42.You can check your ballot status, keep tabs on results and more at

In our final hour of the week Representative Tyler Sirois will join us with a legislative update of a legislature that is going into overtime.We’ll check on bills that made it through the session and what the hang-ups may be.


Health Official Coronavirus plan says a lot

EFSC continues classes

In a Handbasket:

·Where Straight Privilege Lives


Coronavirus- what to know

The virus map

The closures

Dayton students riot in celebration of cancellation

The Usual Suspects:

The arrogance of the elected

Legislature hits overtime

Legislature mandates school alarm system…only one company fits

Federal Appeals Court backs FL on Trans-inmate issue

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