America Addresses the Coronavirus

On the same day the World Health Organization declared that the Coronavirus is a pandemic, the president addressed the country last night with the government’s plans for addressing the health crisis.He was somber, direct and focused.He announced what seems to most of us unprecedented action on travel to the United States.He issued challenges to congress to act in concert with him in creating America’s response on many levels.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to The NCAA basketball tournaments and the NBA.They are handling their reactions to the Coronavirus differently and both seem unprecedented.How are we handling it may be the bigger question.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott has our Presidential Primary Election update at 7:42.You can check your ballot status, keep tabs on results and more at

Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel joins us in our final hour.We’ll discuss state reaction to the virus and yours.They have Civility Brevard events scheduled for the year.Murder on the Space Coast has launched a new season.


NOW it’s a Pandemic

In a Handbasket:

·NCAA restricts attendance at Men’s & Women’s Tournament

·NBA Suspends Games TFN

President Trump’s address to the nation

CA governor praises Trump’s Coronavirus response

Governor’s Executive Order stops Nursing Home access for some

FL universities move to online classes

More Civility Brevard events coming

Murder on the Space Coast returns

The worker who confronted Joe Biden speaks

The arrogance of the elected

Legislature mandates school alarm system…only one company fits

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