Joe Biden Thinks We’re Full of It (yes, THAT it)

Nobody is saying to not be aware and cautious when it comes to the coronavirus. Good hygiene and limiting exposure to the infected or for the susceptible is smart.Going overboard is not.How about jail for folks who try to offer helpful tips on social media?Think it’s a bit much?

It was interesting to see what Joe Biden thinks of us gun owners yesterday.It was outrageous enough to make it to IN A HANDBASKET this morning. MSNBC, aka the complicit media, covered Biden’s tracks.

What happens when elected officials think too much of themselves and have a deluded sense of their power? We have an example from Idaho (in addition to the examples we see in Florida on a daily basis).

The Florida Legislature has passed that “panic alarm’ measure for state schools.There is, however, an interesting twist.Only one company has the technology the law requires and their lobbyist is a familiar figure- Mike Haridopolos. Taking Florida to the cleaners in the name of school safety is now, apparently, a thing.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott has our Presidential Primary Election update at 7:42.You can check your ballot status, keep tabs on results and more at

Most importantly, today is WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY where your ideas and topics are the priority on BML. Today, if it’s on your mine, it’s on BML. So, what is it that has you thinking this morning?


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