Don’t Panic- Do Something!

The country is obsessed with the coronavirus. Caution, I understand.Panic, I do not.

We see outrageous reaction when the uneducated react to something they do not understand.

Recent examples are women fighting over toilet paper, New York using prison labor to make hand sanitizer, schools-even here in the US-closing for the year and shortages of basic supplies that are disappearing from store shelves faster than they can be replenished.

All of this seems to be an overreaction to the actual threat presented by the virus.Protecting yourself is prudent.Panic buying and the like is unwarranted.

It seems to me that there are other, more pressing issues that require our attention.For example what happened in this year’s session of the Virginia Legislature.

While we focused on the second amendment issues there- all worthy of our attention- they passed the most progressive agenda in two decades.It harmed rural Virginia, the business climate, the elections process and more.

People in and out of Virginia were engaged, but there was so much that went unchallenged.My concern is that this kind of thinking has in Florida.We see Second amendments issues being a problem in the Florida Senate.We hope they aren’t going to make it in the House.But, can we watch it close enough?And what about the other issues in play as the legislative session winds down?Do we really know?

Coronavirus or a legislature in session, I ask you: which is more dangerous?



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