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Arrest Made In Brevard County Killing

(West Melbourne, FL) -- A man's arrest could bring a Brevard County murder case to a close. Melbourne Police yesterday arrested Kevin Doswell after Michael Sumner was found dead the day before at the River Palm Hotel. Police say they're actively processing evidence in an attempt to charge Doswell with homicide. As of now Doswell is charged with stealing Sumner's truck and hitting an officer during the arrest outside a West Melbourne convenience store on South Wickham Road. 

Volusia County Woman Tests Positive For Coronavirus

(DeLand, FL) -- A Volusia County woman is the among the latest in Florida to come down with the coronavirus. The Florida Department of Health announced Saturday the 66-year-old tested positive locally, but the CDC has yet to confirm the results. She recently traveled internationally, but the DOH didn't 't say where or when. She's being held in isolation. 

Daytona Bike Week Goes On Amidst Coronavirus

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- Coronavirus isn't stopping bikers from having some fun in Volusia County. Daytona Bike Week went on this weekend, and some of those in attendance said they're not worried about the deadly illness. A 63-year-old from Brevard County called the hype around the disease a bunch of 'boo-ha-ha' even though, he realizes, it's killing those in his age group. Others say avoiding the disease is just a matter of common sense, and a Pasco County man tells the News-Journal 'if it's gonna get me, it's gonna get me.' 

Cruise Ship Allowed To Dock After Coronavirus Scare

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- A coronavirus scare is responsible for disrupting the plans of some cruise line passengers. A Regal Princess ship was scheduled to dock yesterday morning at Port Everglades, but that was delayed until the CDC could get more information on two crew members who may have been exposed to COVID-19 on another ship. Those crew members were later cleared, and the ship was allowed to dock last night. The cruise line offered to reimburse anyone affected by the delay.

Lawmakers Pass Spending Bill To Fight COVID-19

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Millions of dollars are being released to help the state deal with the coronavirus. State lawmakers announced this weekend they have agreed on a 25-million-dollar spending plan. Governor Ron DeSantis requested that amount to help the Department of Health respond to the spread of COVID-19. Also, DeSantis ordered the Division of Emergency Management to activate to Level Two to ensure the state has all the necessary resources to fight the illness. 

11-Year-Old Table Tennis Star Going To Olympics

(Syria) -- An 11-year-old table tennis star is set to become one of the youngest Olympians of all time. She just won her way into this summer's Olympic Games after beating a 42-year-old in the women's finals. Hend Zaza is ranked 155th in the world. She'll be representing Syria when the tournament begins July 25th.

Singapore Warns Of Jail, Fines For Lying Coronavirus Patients

(Singapore) -- Singaporean officials are promising fines and jail time for any coronavirus patients who lie about their travel history. The comments come from the Singapore Ministry of Health, which says investigators are working to retrace steps of many of the infected. At least 117 people in the city-state have contracted the respiratory illness. Singapore has begun revoking permanent resident status and work passes over virus-related violations, while also charging one Chinese couple for giving false information about their travel history.


2018, The National Rifle Association sued the state of Florida over its new gun laws. The NRA filed suit in federal court shortly after Governor Scott signed the bill banning gun sales to anyone under the age of 21. 

2011, Space Shuttle Discovery made its final landing after 39 flights.

1995, Los Angeles police detective Mark Furman began his testimony at O.J. Simpson's murder trial.

1981, Dan Rather made his debut as principal anchorman of the "The CBS Evening News."

1964, the first Ford Mustang was produced.

1954, Edward R. Murrow devoted time on his CBS television show "See It Now" to criticize Senator Joseph McCarthy's anti-Communism campaign. The program put an end to McCarthy's reign of terror. The show also established television as a powerful medium to influence public opinion.

1855, the first Great Western Railway train crossed the Niagara Falls suspension bridge, the world's first wire cable suspension bridge, from Ontario to the United States.

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