Deputies’ Union Wants In Brevard Clerk/Commission Battle

Our talk week begins with the hatred in politics.It’s not going away anytime soon.It’s got a breeding ground.And, IN A HANDBASKET takes us to the same location for some self-loathing while we’re at it!

Locally, the union for Brevard’s Deputy Sheriffs wants in on the battle between the Clerk of Courts and the County Commission.They have no business in this discussion.The Commission won’t rule out further tax cap busting.The Commission has signed off on something that will never happen- -the used of TDC funds for Brevard roads.

Florida needs to act to stop the 18 year old vote.If these children are not mature enough to buy alcohol, tobacco and vaping products, they are certainly too young to cast votes, sign contracts and engage in other adult behavior.We also see a statewide pattern in stupid political ideas and it seems Republicans are the ones perpetrating them.

The left, they say, is inclusive.Perhaps that is why their top presidential candidates are a couple of rich, old white guys who, along with the party, are locking out the only remaining woman from the next candidate debate.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us at 7:42 with a weekend early voting update.


It seems the hatred will continue

In a Handbasket:

·The self-loathing women’s college

Deputy union wants in Ellis/Commission suit

Commission won’t rule out “critical needs” cap busting

Commission says yes to TDC $ to roads- WILL NEVER HAPPEN

Third party group employee changing registrations

Stop the 18 year old vote!

Robocall tactics being passed around

So much for inclusion-Gabbard locked out of debate

More Civility Brevard events coming

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