Brevard Schools Suspend Access for PB Deputy Mayor

Some days the entire show feels like the IN A HANDBASKET segment.We’ll begin our day with PETA wanting to change Marine Corps survival training.Then, IN A HANDBASKET, a school principal asserts power she has with demands she can’t make.Or, maybe she can.

As the 7am hour begins we’ll see the impact of political games and how Brevard Schools reacted in the case of Palm Bay’s Deputy Mayor Kenny Johnson.Maybe the people who perpetrated this stunt are sincere, but I have my doubts.

After a court ruling that the feds can withhold funds from sanctuary cities, the president is ready to move on it.Joe Biden’s ready to take care of the gun problem as he sees it.

In our 8am hour State Representative Tyler Sirois joins us with a legislative update as the session is close to winding down.


PETA wants alternative to Marines’ survival school

In a Handbasket:

·The Powerful Principal

Palm Bay Deputy Mayor School Access Suspended

President to cut Sanctuary City funds

Emboldened Biden to “take care of” gun problem

The Legislature:

Vacation rentals- state or local regulation?

House tax package

Public campaign financing/amendments

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