Brevard Commissioner Lober’s Stunt

Political watchers are stunned at the public battle between Senator Chuck Schumer and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.I’m thinking it’s a sign of a heartbeat in the government of the United States.It’s supposed to be three co-equal branches that balance each other in the operation of our country.Maybe all is not lost.

In a related note, Representative Rashida Talib has spoken out on the issue that has the Senator and Justice battling.Trust me- she has no worries over her concerns!

Skynet is here.Sort of.Researchers are working on the automated in-home spying device to be of service in the workplace to correct us when our statements reflect the implicit bias we all carry around.Where is Sarah Connor when we need her?

County Commissioner Bryan Lober jumped in (or was involved all along) in the ill-thought-out attack on Palm Bay Deputy Mayor Kenny Johnson. His participation involved asking for someone to forward him a copy of the initial charging document in Johnson’s case, vowing to keep the provider anonymous unless Lober was compelled to reveal the identity.It seems there may some ethical concerns about the request and promise…not to mention the stupidity of the act in the first place.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us at 7:42 with a Presidential Primary update and to answer your questions on the process.

In our final hour Florida Today Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel is with us.Her latest column looks at generational differences between us all and the stereotypes that make caricatures of each group funny, if not totally accurate.


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