Super Tuesday was not-so-super for any of the Democratic candidates except Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.The party of diversity is wrapping itself behind a couple of rich white guys who happen to be older than President Trump.Can either of them mount a serious challenge to the president in November?It’s difficult for me to see how.I have more thoughts on that in Thursday’s INSIDER column.

As we start our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY I have a nearly unbelievable story about a vegan jogger in mind.IN A HANDBASKET takes us to school and the National Education Association indoctrinating students for the LGBT crowd.

In addition to Super Tuesday results we have several stories on tap about the Democratic Party and the move to remove President Trump.

In Tallahassee the idea of taking local control from local governments on vacation rentals hit a roadblock.Where should the regulation rest?Or should it exist at all?

We say all that to tell you what I have in mind for today’s show, but the key today is that it’s your day to pick the topics.So tell me, what’s on your mind?321-768-1240


It’s all about me-the vegan runner

In a Handbasket:

·NEA video has 2nd graders celebrating LGBT


·Bernie/Biden night- CA to the commies

·Bloomberg reconsidering after disappointing Super Tuesday

·Dropping like flies- the anti-Sanders move

·Emboldened Biden to “take care of” gun problem

·FL Dems sue to remove Bernie from ballot

Vacation rentals- state or local regulation?

Baltimore ex-mayor gets more time than any cop she tried to toss under bus

President gets court win in sanctuary cities funds case

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