The Art of Self-Evaluation

If you’re going to grow or improve it takes self-evaluation. It takes being able to honestly look at yourself and make necessary adjustments. I did it as a sports official. I do it as a radio host.

Chris Matthews, regardless of his political leanings, was doing that for the Democrats as he publicly lamented the Bernie Sanders wins in the primary season and the seemingly strong support for a socialist candidate in the United States. Matthews is now out of a job.

But this goes farther than a television host.It goes to the heart of the Democratic Party and their efforts to defeat President Trump in November.Do they not see what’s happening?

Just this week candidates started dropping right and left as they muster up behind Joe Biden, the gaffe laden salvation of the party from the Socialist Bernie Sanders.National polling shows many Democratic voters will not vote for a socialist and the party would be ruined under Bernie’s control.But JOE BIDEN is the best they can do?

Maybe the legitimate candidates in the party know they can’t beat Donald Trump in this economy.Maybe they see the backlash of Middle Americans in Virginia as the left there tries to restrict gun rights.Maybe they know they lost huge credibility in their doomed-to-failure impeachment of the president.Maybe they know all is lost and they don’t mind Joe taking the loss for the team as they give up on this election and look ahead to 2024.

Whatever it is, they are not self-evaluating and they are not correcting course.And while that may be sad for them as a party, it certainly bodes well for the country in November!



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