Brevard Violent Crime- too close to home?

If you’re going to grow or improve it takes self-evaluation.It takes being able to honestly evaluate yourself and make necessary adjustments.I did it as a sports official.I do it as a radio host.Chris Matthews, regardless of his political leanings, was doing that for the Democrats as he publicly lamented the Bernie Sanders wins in the primary season and the seemingly strong support for a socialist candidate in the United States.Matthews is now out of a job.

What boy and his friends haven’t played with toy guns as they ran the neighborhood?We all did.Cops and robbers.Cowboys and Indians.Army.It was energy burring, imagination inspiring play.And it was harmless.Until now.

Representative Tyler Sirois has told us about his Jr ROTC bill that would credit a school for performing well with the program in the school’s evaluation.Today we’ll look at the program and the bill through the eyes of Tim Thomas who is the program’s commander at Viera High.That happens in our 7am hour.

We’ll also get an election update from SOE Lori Scott as the presidential primary is two weeks away with early and mail balloting ongoing.

In our final hour we’ll look at a couple of local crime stories.Statistically crime may be down, but is it hitting too close to home?You bet it is!

And, if time allows, we’ll look at the Democratic presidential candidates dropping like flies and the sudden rush to back Joe Biden as the fear of Bernie Sanders is greater than their desire to find a strong candidate.


Matthews: Dems better off with Trump than Bernie

Buck the left- lose your job

In a Handbasket:

·Boys play with toy gun, go to jail

Violent crime-broad daylight- our back yard

Sunday robbery hits home

Vacation rentals- state or local regulation?


·Dropping like flies- the anti-Sanders move

·Emboldened Biden to “take care of” gun problem

·FL Dems sue to remove Bernie from ballot

·Bernie wins again!

·Sanders Socialism a Burden

·Bloomberg releasing women from NDA’s

Baltimore ex-mayor gets more time than any cop she tried to toss under bus

President gets court win in sanctuary cities funds case

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