Humor from the Weekend…and the News

Today begins with my personal Facebook post from Friday.A friend & coworker dropped a gag gift on my desk.It was a roll of toilet paper with President Trump’s image emblazoned on it.I laughed, the office laughed and I thought I would share the joy…

Then there was the classic Adam West BATMAN that was on Sunday morning.As I watched I laughed at the stereotypes that would have the left howling today.Ladies, you may not like this one!

A viral story over the weekend may have inspired others to take action when it comes to pilfering around our homes.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see about putting criminals in jail and what happens when one judge can’t make a decision.

It’s shame when your inclusion gets in the way of that rape culture mentality you want to foster later.We have an example.

In Brevard news County Commissioner John Tobia wants an anti-tax resolution passed by the commission.I won’t hold my breath.Area law enforcement officials are on the lookout for traffic violators in a coordinated effort that ignores the bad ideas of mid-block crosswalks.And at 7:42 Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott joins us as our daily Presidential Primary election updates begin.

Pete Buttigieg ended his run for the Democratic nomination for president yesterday.The first openly gay candidate for the presidency was on his way to a rally when his plane abruptly turned around and headed to South Bend for the formal announcement.The funny part was the FoxNews headline and phrasing that was unnoticed by editors until it was too late.Maybe Mayor Pete’s little McDonald’s mistake helped him get out.

We’ve got all that and more as we begin our talk week together on BML.


Admit it- you want to do this!

In a Handbasket:

·Go to jail, go directly to jail-NO, wait!

When your mind says no, but you must say yes

Tobia wants anti-tax resolution

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott- the first of 3 elections is on

Crosswalk enforcement coming as officials won’t give up bad idea

Buttigieg out of the running

Baltimore ex-mayor gets more time than any cop she tried to toss under bus

President gets court win in sanctuary cities funds case


·Mayor Pete- when your record stops your political stunt

·FL Dems sue to remove Bernie from ballot

·Bernie wins again!

·Matthews: Dems better off with Trump than Bernie

·Sanders Socialism a Burden

·Bloomberg releasing women from NDA’s

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