Lessons in Division

While I don’t believe that most of us don’t fit in the category, the news would have us believe that we are more divided than ever.And maybe we are, at least on certain issues.We can’t sing songs, even songs of faith, without claims of cultural appropriation.A Republican president can’t play songs from The Village People without the left losing its collective mind.Trigger warnings for college classes aren’t sufficient to allow discussion of controversial topics.Where people do want things to come together, it’s in the name of political correctness and not having a gender division- like in toy store aisles where the California Assembly wants to do away with boys and girls sections.

We have a handful of national political stories we have not had the chance to touch this week, and we may not make it today. Representative Tyler Sirois joins us for our final hour this morning with a legislative update.

And, fortunately, before the division begins, we’ll start the day with a good bit of traffic news and an amazing example of forgiveness from Sophia Nelson’s family.

Let’s see where this Friday leads us…


Your WAWA lane is coming

A forgiving family…lesson to the rest of us

In a Handbasket:

·White folk- STOP singing negro spirituals!

Baltimore ex-mayor gets more time than any cop she tried to toss under bus

Left goes after The Village People…The Village People!

CA bill to make toy store aisles gender neutral

Trigger warnings: let me hand you a reason to protest!

President gets court win in sanctuary cities funds case

Mayor Pete- when your record stops your political stunt


·FL Dems sue to remove Bernie from ballot

·Bernie wins again!

·Matthews: Dems better off with Trump than Bernie

·Sanders Socialism a Burden

·Bloomberg releasing women from NDA’s

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