Politics can be a dangerous game.In Virginia, where gun rights are anything but secure, the assembly has decided to take it out on the cops- largely gun rights supporters- by not authorizing a pay raise for the state’s sheriff’s departments.Also on the second amendment front: a case involving the first amendment in Wisconsin has those students glad they are not in Rockledge, else they just might be hauled off their school bus for a talking to and quick home search!

Staying with schools for a moment, a Seminole County baseball coach won a state championship with his team.His exuberance in celebration led him to utter a few “f-bombs” along the way.The principal fired him from the baseball job, but kept him in the classroom.Now, public pressure has led the schoolmaster to reinstate the coach.I have several problems with this and the big one was firing the coach in the first place.

Several state papers are screaming about elections law and implementation in the state.Some are good points, but this coordinated effort seems to be more activism than journalism.

Busta Tax Cap and the Commission (what a name for a rap group) are asking the court to toss the Clerk of Courts’ lawsuit over baseline budgeting from a busted cap budget.The commission needs to get staff under control here.If the staff was properly budgeting in the first place there would be no “need,” much less a critical one.

And, if we must and if we have time, the Democrats ran a presidential debate last night…again President Trump wins!If you have thoughts, OK.We also have a look at recent events on that side of the aisle that have you wondering how the left lost its way.

And even with all that, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…you can bring us anything you like today!


VA Dems stop pay hike for cops over gun issues

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Getting HOAs in check

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Busta Tax Cap and the Commission want Clerk’s suit tossed

Florida ballot problems- NOT in Brevard!


·Bernie wins again!

·Matthews: Dems better off with Trump than Bernie

·Sanders Socialism a Burden

·Bloomberg releasing women from NDA’s

·If you must- last night’s debate

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