Melbourne Mom Deported, as the law requires

Thanks to Joe Pags for letting me grab a day off yesterday.It was a fun and productive weekend.I even had time to see Fantasy Island.I’ll tell you more about it in this week’s INSIDER column.As I get back to work I have these things in mind:

Did it actually take a law for Kentucky School Resource Officers to carry guns on their jobs?

IN A HANDBASKET asks-Is Chuck Norris about kick some people’s tails across the CBS lot?

Immigration comes into focus in hour two.A local mother has been deported.Her kids are US citizens.My question is…so what?Yes, it’s a great human interest story, but are we picking and choosing laws to enforce?Greyhound- the bus company- made a big PR boo-boo and the reaction is about what you’d expect.

In hour three we’ll take a look at the political left.Has it lost its way?Is it imploding? Does it have ANY leadership?Where do the folks go who are being run off?


KY governor signs bill requiring SRO’s be armed

In a Handbasket:

·WALKER, TEXAS RAN…wait, what?


Melbourne Mom deported- kids are citizens

Greyhound’s immigration boo-boo

Reaction to Greyhound’s immigration boo-boo


The tolerant left- running kids off the road

Running their own base off to somewhere: Not taking the stupidity

Bernie wins again!

Matthews: Dems better off with Trump than Bernie

Sanders Socialism a Burden

Bloomberg releasing women from NDA’s

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