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02.18.20- Happy Americans = Reelected President

A January Gallup poll shoes that we Americans are happier now than we were in the same stages of presidents Obama, G.W. Bush and Clinton. 61% of us say we are better off than we were under the Obama years.

Why? First off, Americans have always voted their wallets.If we are better off financially than in previous years the sitting president gets credit. Then, we have (in my estimation) more pride when a president puts America first and enacts policies that reflect that.

But, it’s not just the right that says so. 60% of “independents” say they are happier now then previously.

With that, and a field of candidates on the left more interested in infighting and socialism than they are your welfare, things are looking up for a second term for President Trump.

Id’ say we could stand another four years of tax cuts, reduced regulation and record low unemployment.

I think America will say that, too.

02.19.20- What If?

We played the “what if” game in Wednesday’s 8am hour. After discussing stories of how the Democratic Party is imploding on its search for a presidential nominee, we decided to take a peek into the future of President Trump’s second term.

Is it all rainbows and unicorns as the Republicans take both the house and senate? Are the Never Trumpers silenced? It’s doubtful for both.

But it would be an opportunity to continue the policies that have brought us to here and now. And the president’s budget as proposed would eliminate the federal debt if followed for 10 years.

Then again, how has having the Republicans in charge of the White House and Congress worked out for us before? Not as well as we would hope, I’d say.

But this president is different.This president is smart and he just may have more savvy than he gets credit for.

Yeah, I’ll take that “what if” just to see how it goes.

02.20.20- The Debate to Nowhere

I didn’t watch it. I find it difficult to spend my valuable time watching a debate between people who simply can not earn my vote.

The Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination took the stage in Las Vegas last night and, after reading reports about the night, I’m glad I did not waste my time.

As a Republican, I have no voice in their primary, nor should I.Once they have a nominee I can start paying attention to the candidate and the distinctions between that candidate and the president.

The reports and calls to the show on Thursday laid out a cage match where nobody brought ideas for bettering the country to the table.Instead they attacked each other on their individual purity to party interests and histories of misdeeds to disqualify each other.

No, I won’t watch the cage match in the lead up to the convention.I’ll wait and see if the eventual candidate and survive the self-inflicted wounds to lose to President Trump.

02.21.20- School Safety or Constitutional Violation?

It happened in Rockledge. A Rockledge High student visited a friend’s house where firearms were on display.A photo of the friends and firearms landed on social media (like that wasn’t going to happen).

Police in Rockledge were alerted by a tip about the social media post and they removed the student from his bus on the way to school Thursday.They questioned the student and then went to his home and searched it.

No charges have been filed and there had been no threats to the school.A report form Brevard Schools says the investigation is ongoing.

This story raises alarm bells even with so many details remaining to be seen.What was the probable cause to pull the student off the bus?Was the search of the home by warrant (again PC an issue) or by consent?

Look, I get school safety, but I also understand lawful search and seizure.With what we see in play we have to ask if we are overreacting?We know the legislature did.

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