It Happened In Rockledge- did cops go too far?

America is addicted to its morning (afternoon or any other time) cup of coffee that is not home made.Drive through, walk in, stop and stay a while- it doesn’t matter.Maybe it’s the environment.But the nation’s leader in that field isn’t exactly welcoming to folks of a conservative bent.That’s all about to change.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to school as parents take a school district to school over their student transgender policy.It’s bad.

We talked yesterday about whether our legislators are actually concerned with school safety.We know the men and women in law enforcement are.But, have we gone too far?It happened in Rockledge.

State Representative Tyler Sirois will join us in hour 3 with this week’s legislative update.We’ll talk school safety, parental consent for under age abortions, the flashy light crosswalk bill, constitutional amendments and more.


Don’t feel welcome at the coffee shop?

In a Handbasket:

·Parents sue over school transitioning kids

The other side of school safety- going too far?

Is Texas the next Virginia?

Constitutional amendment to make amending the constitution harder

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