The Horror of a Haircut!

It seems Massachusetts cares not for safety of its citizens.But hey, who needs a driver’s license that shows you at least passed a test showing your understanding of traffic law, if not your ability to drive according to it?

IN A HANDBASKET takes us inside the world of being non-binary and the horror of something as simple as getting a haircut.Social media was not kind to the snowflake who wants the cake and to eat is as well.

Remember the facial recognition app in use in Volusia County to help cops catch bad guys?It came under scrutiny on the show and now it’s the subject of a lawsuit.

In the political world the circus that is the Democratic Primary had the center ring last night as the candidates went after each other hard.I’ll be interested in your impressions today as we take a look at one report.While we’re there we’ll see just how Michael Bloomberg just may not be pure enough in radical ideology to appease the most vocal of the left.

Finally, here in Florida we have the Federal Courts shoving the felon voting bloc down our throats.It seems restitution for their crimes in unimportant and they will be able to further victimize their prey as they go to the polls…but not in the presidential primary.And in Tallahassee, where they like to tell us things are done for pour own good, it surely isn’t about school safety.Then again, it never was.


Making the community less safe

In a Handbasket:

·The horror of a haircut

Facial Recognition App draws lawsuit

Matthews and Bernie…again

Bloomberg not pure enough for the party

The Dem debate rundown

Court welcomes Florida’s felon voting block

Senate postpones school safety measure

Ballot initiatives getting heat in legislature

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