From the fun to the frivolous to the frightening, our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY topics cover it all and I have not even heard your submissions yet! We have stories on running from the cops and how not to do it to a couple of extremes in the free speech world. We also have a story about inclusion that is not so inclusive and a whole bevy of stories about how the Democrats are fouling up their Presidential Primary and any chance to win the presidency in November. Even the mainstream media is seeing it and whining about it. But those are on my mind…

Today is about what has you thinking. So, what is it? WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY gives you the chance to lay it out for us and then see what we all think about it…but it only happens when you call us at 321-768-1240. It’s always a fun day around here. From Mick’s Morning News to whatever is on your mind we’ll talk it up over our three hours together this morning.


How not to flee the cops

In a Handbasket:

·Somebody in Great Britain gets free speech!

·And somebody in America doesn’t

Taking the “multi” out of multicultural

Bernie! Bernie!

D’s going after each other- & this is good news

The D infighting continues

D’s waking up; this gal is not the only one

Is Bloomberg suicidal?

Even mainstream media is seeing it

Ballot initiatives getting heat in legislature

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