INSIDER COLUMN: 2020 From the Looks of Things

January Gallup poll shoes that we Americans are happier now than we were in the same stages of presidents Obama, G.W. Bush and Clinton.61% of us say we are better off than we were under the Obama years.

Why? First off, Americans have always voted their wallets.If we are better off financially than in previous years the sitting president gets credit. Then, we have (in my estimation) more pride when a president puts America first and enacts policies that reflect that.

But, it’s not just the right that says so.60% of “independents” say they are happier now then previously.

With that, and a field of candidates on the left more interested in infighting and socialism than they are your welfare, things are looking up for a second term for President Trump.

We played the “what if” game in Wednesday’s 8am hour.After discussing stories of how the Democratic Party is imploding on its search for a presidential nominee, we decided to take a peek into the future of President Trump’s second term.

Is it all rainbows and unicorns as the Republicans take both the house and senate?Are the Never Trumpers to be silenced?It’s doubtful for both.

But it would be an opportunity to continue the policies that have brought us to here and now.Excellent judicial nominations and getting them through the senate has been great.Tax cuts and reduced regulation have benefitted American business and Americans in general.And the president’s budget as proposed would eliminate the federal debt if followed for 10 years.We could stand having four more years of this.

Then again, how has having the Republicans in charge of the White House and Congress worked out for us before?Not as well as we would hope, I’d say.

But this president is different.This president is smart and he just may have more savvy than he gets credit for.

Yeah, I’ll take that “what if” just to see how it goes.



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