Your Money’s No Good Here

Somewhere on any currency in your wallet is says, “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”But, is it?Apparently not if you are carrying large amounts of cash!It’s a strange story.

IN A HANDBASKET has girls fighting back against rules that have them competing with boys in Connecticut.

Every once in a while things go right.They have with Michael Avenatti. He got convicted late last week, as well he should have.The “assault weapons” ban in Virginia failed, but the battle isn’t over in the commonwealth.Americans are happier under President Trump than previous administrations and the democrats vying to unseat him are crumbling due to infighting and having no positive message.Even their voter base is waking up and leaving the dark side.

If you were Michael Bloomberg and believed you’d get the nomination, would you even consider Hillary as a running mate?I didn’t think so.

And here in Florida constitutional amendments are getting a makeover in the legislative session.This process is horrible and subjects Floridians to the whims and big spends of special interest groups that will pull out all the stops to have their way.Let’s hope the legislature does this well.


NOT legal tender?

In a Handbasket:

·Gender Wars: fighting back

Every now and then…things go right

Assault weapons ban fails in VA

Happy Americans- Thanks Mr. President

Bernie! Bernie!

D’s going after each other- & this is good news

The D infighting continues

D’s waking up; this gal is not the only one

Is Bloomberg suicidal?

Ballot initiatives getting heat in legislature

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