The Week's MICKnuggets

02.10.20- Schoolpidity!

It’s back with a vengeance- Schoolpidity!

It happened in PA where Valley Forge Elementary School severely mishandled a developmentally disabled student in a nonviolent incident that required the school assess the danger presented to school personnel.

The 6 year old Down syndrome child pointed her finger at the teacher and said, “I shoot you.”

This act required an investigation and calling the police who now have a record of this "dangerous" child’s actions.

Her mother was understandably upset, even though she agreed the trip to the principal’s office was appropriate.But the subsequent investigation was out of line.

Fortunately, the schools investigation revealed that the child never put anyone in harm’s way.Whew!I am glad that’s settled.

Now, if we can only find some adults to develop policies that actually consider common sense.

02.11.20- Waste Management- taking Brevard to the cleaners

It must be nice.Run a service business that everyone needs and then when you want to hike the rates exponentially, have the taxpayers just pay it.

That’s exactly what’s happening with Waste Management and its service to unincorporated Brevard County.The new contract proposal would allow a 39% price increase for WM services to taxpayers.

In round numbers a $140 dollar annual bill would go to $194.That’s a steep hike.The first excuse I heard was that WM has not had an increase in 7 years.So what?They negotiated that contract, too.

Oh, and this one contains price hikes each year of up to 3%.Nice…that is if you are Waste Management.

It’s time to take negotiations away from county employees and make the commission do the work.It’s Monopoly money to staff, but I’m pretty sure it’s not to me and you.

02.12-20- HOA Drunk on Power

In Kissimmee’s Turnberry Reserve neighborhood the HOA and management company, Management 35, have a beef with homeowner.The HOA and Management 35 have taken extraordinary steps to harass the homeowner.

At least twice they have tried to have law enforcement officers serve the HOA’s “trespass notices” to the homeowner.

There is one problem.The HOA and its management company have no authority to issue such a warning.Their private security has been issuing them.

Both The Osceola Sheriff’s Office and FHP have told Management 35 this.Apparently they are thick headed and don’t get it.

Then again, Management 35’s security manager is convicted felon who stands accused of doing the work while unlicensed.

The con, with a con trying to con the cops…how well did that work for him before?

02.13.20- Abusing the Chair

To everything there is a season…

Some folks just need to learn when and where the season hits.Hint: for a personal political battle, it’s not the county commission.

Chairman Bryan Lober doesn’t get that.In this week’s meeting he wasted more than 5, and less than 10, minutes on his personal vendetta with Florida Today.

His self-indulgent, video assisted tirade against the paper that he declared a “morally bankrupt entity” was out of place and out of line in a commission meeting.

He may have legitimate complaints about Florida Today, but in refusing to talk with them and instead choosing to talk about them, what’s he telling us?

It seems this press entity he would have us believe is unimportant is, at the least, important to him.

Commission business is important to us and the chairman needs to get back to it and fight his personal battles on his time.

02.14.20- The Right Thing Lands MHS Principal in Controversy

It was a student inspired idea.The school principal embraced and encouraged the student initiative.He then sent an email to parents about the event and the ca-ca hit the fan.

The idea was a “Spirit Week” for Black History month at Melbourne High School.Students would dress in garb acknowledging the month and black leaders through history.

Mel High is predominantly white.The naysayers were out claiming cultural appropriation and, as we tend to do, the principal apologized for his insensitivity and cancelled the event.

Here’s the rub- the idea was proposed by black students and Chad Kirk embraced and encouraged it.

What would have happened had he said no? Exactly- outrage for that, too.

Principal Kirk was in a no win situation as some folks just prefer division and strife as oppose to inclusion and understanding.

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