Division Takes the Lead on Valentine’s Day

On this day where many will celebrate love they, may just be lucky to have found it.It seems division is more prominent in America today.It’s to the point that I’m wondering if we can find a jury to give someone a fair trial, if cartoons can’t just be cartoons and if things celebrating a particular culture are only to be celebrated by members thereof.

Cases in point: a left wing juror found her way onto the Roger Stone jury.Can you expect that result was fair?A college professor is advancing the idea that the kids cartoon (and wish list toy line) Paw Patrol is anti-statist, pro-capitalist propaganda.Melbourne High School, in celebrating Black History Month, wanted all students to dress as famous blacks in history and participate in other ways.Apparently that’s an issue with some who think that white kids portraying black people is wrong.

In our beachside communities FDOT the TPO and local officials are trying to kill more people.They are moving forward with these stupid flashy light mid-block crosswalks and, as we said before and nobody listened, people will die.These officials need to simply admit their error before they cause more carnage on our highways.


Can we find an unbiased jury anymore?

In a Handbasket:

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