Repo Driver Tows Away Car With One-Year-Old Girl Inside

A New Jersey father was frantic when he noticed his car was missing after he left it running outside of an apartment complex with his one-year-old girl sleeping in the backseat. He immediately called the East Orange Police Department, believing his car had been stolen.

"He thought it was stolen. He thought it was someone kidnapping my child," the girl's mother, Noel Saldana, told News 12 New Jersey.

The officers managed to track down his 2011 Acura MX, but it turned out the car wasn't stolen, it had been repossessed.

"I pulled over and said a prayer, and an officer called me and said, 'Go to University Hospital. She's there," Saldana said.

The young girl was unharmed and reunited with her grateful parents later that day.

Saldana said that she doesn't blame the tow truck driver for what happened, but hopes it will serve as a lesson for the other drivers to check the backseat of a vehicle before towing it away. 

The police did not cite the tow truck driver or the girl's father over the matter.

Photo: Getty Images

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