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Threat Directed At Marion County Schools

(Belleview, FL) -- Extra security may be visible today around two schools in Marion County. Deputies say a threat was made online yesterday against Belleview High School and Belleview Middle School. The threat came from a student's social media account, but deputies believe the account was hacked, and they're looking to find who originally made the threat. This is the second time this week threats have been made against the two schools, and a 15-year-old ninth-grader was arrested in the first incident. 

Police Chief Reprimanded For Incident With Neighbor

(Winter Park, FL) -- A police chief in Orange County is being punished for his interactions with an officer. Winter Park Police Chief Michael Deal was given a written reprimand yesterday for an incident last year in Altamonte Springs. A police officer in that city says Deal tried to intimidate him after a crash involving Deal's wife. The reprimand comes after the FDLE investigated and ruled Deal didn't break any state laws. 

Ayala Accuses Osceola Sheriff Of Putting Politics Ahead Of Justice

(Orlando, FL) -- Osceola County's sheriff is accused of putting his political ambitions ahead of justice by Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramais Ayala in a letter about Sheriff Russ Gibson. The two have been exchanging words publicly over the death of Nicole Montalvo whose body was found at the home of her estranged husband's family in St. Cloud four months ago. Gibson wants the estranged husband charged with murder, but Ayala says there's not enough evidence.She also says Gibson is pushing for a murder charge to help his reelection chances.

Nine-Year-Old-Pleads Not Guilty In Stabbing Attack of Sister 

(Ocala, FL) -- A nine-year-old is pleading not guilty in the stabbing attack of his little sister. The incident happened earlier this year when police say the boy stabbed the five-year-old several times. Detectives say the boy claimed he'd been thinking about killing his sister for two days. A psychiatric evaluation has been done, but the results are not clear.

Palm Beach County Reveals It Was Hacked In 2016

(West Palm Beach, FL) -- The top elections official in Palm Beach County is accused of irresponsibly scaring voters. Elections Supervisor Wendy Link announced yesterday that the county elections office was hacked in September 2016 in a ransomware attack that was not disclosed at the time. Susan Bucher [[ booker ]] was county elections supervisor then and she says Link's claim is wrong. Bucher tells the Sun Sentinel she can swear on a stack of Bibles that Palm Beach County was never ransomwared and Link should know better. 

Satellite Beach Named Safest City In Florida

(Satellite Beach, FL) -- Brevard County is home to what's considered the safest city in Florida. Alarms.org last month released its list of the state's safest cities, and Satellite Beach was ranked number one for the second straight year. Alarms.org says the city had a remarkably low amount of crime based on data from 2018. Key Biscayne in Miami-Dade County came in second, while two other Central Florida cities, Oviedo and Groveland, also ranked in the top ten. 

Miami Beach Approves Spring Break Rule Changes

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Miami Beach is taking steps to change its reputation. The city commission yesterday approved stopping alcohol sales two hours earlier in the entertainment district during spring break. Instead of allowing alcohol to be sold until 5:00 a.m., sales must stop at 3:00 for 12 days next month. The measure has to be approved at a second reading in two weeks before it becomes law. Mayor Dan Gelber says the city is being promoted as a place where anything goes, and this will make the city safer.

Wine Club Delivers Wine By Drone During Coronavirus Quarantine

(Undated) -- Being stuck on a cruise ship that's been quarantined for the coronavirus isn't stopping one couple from getting their wine. Jan and Dave Binskin got the Naked Wine Club to deliver two cases of wine by drone. They are confined to their room on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan because of the outbreak of the respiratory illness. The drone flew the wine right to their ocean view cabin. Dozens of people on the cruise have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Black Man Spotted Wearing KKK Outfit In Virginia

(Stafford, VA) -- Virginia Police say a man was seen wearing a KKK hood and robe outside the Safford Target this week. Deputies responded to a call about a person dressed in Ku Klux Klan garb at the Stafford Marketplace yesterday afternoon. Upon arrival, they identified the hooded man as a black man who told police he was conducting a social experiment. He was asked not to wear the hood in public and he left the area.


2019, NASA confirmed Mars Opportunity rover's 15 year mission is over. A sandstorm damaged communications.

2000, Charles Schulz's final "Peanuts" strip ran in Sunday newspapers.

1935, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was found guilty of first degree murder in the kidnapping death of aviator Charles Lindbergh's infant son. He was later executed.

1920, the National Negro Baseball League was formed.

1741, "The American Magazine" was published for the first time. It was the first magazine in the American colonies.

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