Thursday: Education Leads the Day

Time was that everyone knew how we were doing in school.Test results were posted on the classroom door.Grades were either pass/fail or A-F.No more!The education wonks have a better way.OK, it’s a new way, it’s definitely not better.And who thought Drag Queen Story Hour was appropriate in school?Yes, our schools are IN A HANDBASKET.Let’s not leave out higher education.If you want to know who drives the agenda, look to the funding source.It’s not us…or the US!

Does anyone remember the name of the band Chicago before they hit it big?The namesake organization is under fire for something it did not do.The Chicago Transit Authority had a tweet posted by a passenger about a visitor at a train station.Oops, bad move keeping it up…why should any white man be tweeted about in Black History Month?We’ll see which and you’ll immediately know why.

In Brevard, being offended by the county has paid off and your county garbage bill gets way more expensive!And while they were at it, Commission Chair Bryan Lober took a big shot at Florida Today.If his allegations are true, Gannett’s got problems and poor Mara Bellaby’s head must be exploding!

In politics the Democrats are imploding as they demolish each other on the way to losing to Donald Trump in November.

Let’s have a Thursday, everybody!


Say goodbye to A-F grading- EVERYBODY’S doing great!

In a Handbasket:

·Agitators stop Ohio Drag Queen Story Hour

Who’s funding higher education?No wonder we get what we do

Chicago Transit Authority- better after becoming Chicago

Being offended by the county pays off

So does pickup up the county’s trash

D’s going after each other- & this is good news

Left not buying Bloomberg stop-and-frisk explanation

Wayback Machine: House wins battle over Lagasse TV funding subpoena

Assault Weapons ban advances in VA

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