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KSC To Welcome Mars Rover

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- It will one day land on the red planet, but today, the Mars 2020 Rover arrives in Brevard County. The rover will arrive at Kennedy Space Center from California this afternoon ahead of a launch planned for July. The goal of the rover's mission is to collect samples of the Martian soil until 2026 when another mission will pick up those samples. A NASA official tells Florida Today the mission to bring those samples back to Earth will be the first launch ever off the Martian surface. 

Deadly Shooting Came After Suspect Was Fired

(Orlando, FL) -- A search is underway for a man considered armed and dangerous. Daniel Everett is wanted for a deadly shooting Monday at Orlando International Premium Outlets. He allegedly shot Under Armour store manager Eunice Vazquez after Everett was fired from the store that morning. The 46-year-old Everett is described as black, six-foot-seven, and he may be driving a dark-colored Kia Sorrento with a Florida plate. 

Cops: Father Fabricated Story About 3-Year-old Being Kidnapped

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Police now say the father of a 3-year-old girl, lied about her being kidnapped yesterday. The FHP recovered the girl in Tallahassee after a statewide Amber Alert, but Lester Mejia's story about the child being abducted when he went back inside his Central Florida home was not true. Officers say the child was taken without force by her biological mother and the mother's boyfriend, while Mejia was at work. The mother does not have legal custody of the child. Mejia said he was scared he would not see the girl again, so he told officers a made up story in hopes it would help recover his daughter.

Body Found In Car Outside Walmart

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A disturbing sight is the subject of an investigation in Tallahassee. A woman's body was found yesterday morning in an SUV parked outside a Walmart on Thomasville Road. She was not identified, but police say she was 67-years-old. Police don't suspect foul play, but no cause of death was revealed. 

Details Released On Pensacola Cyber Attack

(Pensacola, FL) -- There's reason to believe the ransomware attack on the city of Pensacola wasn't as bad as hackers claimed. An executive summary of an investigation into December's cyber attack was released this week, and it shows only six gigabytes of data were stolen, even though the hackers claimed they stole over 30 gigabytes. The report also found no evidence that anyone's personal information was stolen. The attack was traced back to the European country of Estonia, and it took the city's network offline for days, but no ransom was paid. 

Miami Beach To Consider Closing Bars Early During Spring Break

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Miami Beach could make a change today to address what its mayor calls serious problems during the last Spring Break. The city commission will consider proposals to close bars early in the entertainment district and limit liquor sales after reports of violence last year. Mayor Dan Gelber says Spring Break violence looks bad for the city, and he hopes closing bars at 2:00 a.m. for 17 days next month will make the city safer. He tells 7News Miami Beach is not New Orleans, and he doesn't want it to be.

Teen Hurt In Viral Video Challenge

(Miami, FL) -- There's a new online challenge parents and kids should be aware of. A Miami-Dade County student said yesterday she was hurt last week during the Skullbreaker Challenge making the rounds on Tik Tok. Under the rules of the challenge, three people standing in a line jump at the same time, and the middle person then has their feet kicked out from under them by the other two, which can cause the middle person to hit their head on the ground. The family of a South Dade Senior High School student, who has since transferred, is planning to sue the school district, and she tells NBC 6 the pain she has is indescribable.  

Rat Gets Bread Into Hole On NYC Subway

(New York City, NY) -- Another subway station rat in New York is taking a bite out of the internet. New video shows the rodent holding a big slice of bread in its mouth, trying to get into a small hole in the wall. The rat is clearly determined and doesn't give up. After several attempts jumping up toward the hole, the rat and the bread make it inside. This comes after last year's rat carrying a coffee cup and the unforgettable pizza rat of 2017.

Colorado Woman Cited For Feeding Deer Inside Her Home

(Evergreen, CO) -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife have cited a woman in Evergreen for feeding deer inside her home. It wasn't hard to find evidence as the woman shot video of it on her cell phone. The video shows the deer snacking on bread, carrots, cereal and bananas. CPW posted the video on Twitter, calling the woman "selfish and dangerous." They also say "egregious acts of feeding wildlife need to stop."


2019, The U.S. national debt topped 22-trillion for the first time.

2002, Pakistani officials charged three men in connection with the kidnapping of "Wall Street Journal" reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi. All three and a fourth man were later convicted of Pearl's murder.

1999, the Senate acquitted President Clinton of perjury and obstruction of justice, ending a 13-month drama that began with the president's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and led to only the second ever presidential impeachment trial.And now there are three.

1973, the state of Ohio became the first state to post metric distance signs.

1924, President Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential political speech on radio.

1924, explorers opened the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen.

1909, the NAACP was founded.

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