Lookin’ for Safe Streets in All the Wrong Places

There are a couple of things we did not discuss about the XFL yesterday.One- there are 20 million reasons you won’t see Colin Kaepernick (I had not even thought of him in context with this league) and two- the national anthem and the protests you won’t see.

IN A HANDBASKET will take us back to school and what happens when a dumb cop makes a bad call and the school backs him.

As if the flashing light crosswalks aren’t bad enough, FDOT is proposing a 35mph speed limit beachside. There is no statistical or safety reason for it, it’s just FDOT caving in to the whines of some beachside so-called leaders who want to create a pedestrian and bicycle haven on a highway.

Here’s an idea: make up a cause, accuse the county of offending you and then sue the county to make BIG money.Too late! It’s already happened.

Well, as Jim the former NYC cop told us last week, New York has built at least some of its liberal utopia by requiring bond for all defendants, no matter the crime.It’s come back to haunt them and even Bill De Blasio sees it.

It’s largely the same for the DNC. Iowa has highlighted the party’s incompetence; it seems dependence on government is their only solution.

Bill Maher called last week President Trump’s best.He may be right (until he gets a Republican House).


XFL- eliminating a couple of concerns

In a Handbasket:

·When a school cop goes stupid (and the school does, too)

35mph limit proposed for beachside- NOT a solution

Waste management contract rates to jump 39% in county

The “make money off suing the county” business

Lib Utopia- biting the hand that feeds it

Biting the hand- 2

Is Maher following Matthews to the bright side?

Wayback Machine: House wins battle over Lagasse TV funding subpoena

Assault Weapons ban advances in VA

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