The XFL- Worth Your Time

I told you I would and I did.I gave the XFL a chance and it earned a fan.Much like my beloved AAF, the XFL is a fun level of professional football.It has a few twists from the NFL game and some, if not all of them, make it a better game.Let’s start with no coaches’ challenges of officials’ calls!Oh, there’s replay, but it’s not initiated by the benches!We’ll talk it a bit as we open our day.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to school where it’s not the kids who need teaching. We’re back to SCHOOLPIDITY in today’s Handbasket segment.

The Florida Today headline claims that Rush Limbaugh rode “polarizing views” to success.I’m pretty sure I don’t remember it that way.On the other side of the aisle, it’s kinda fun watching MSNBC’s Chris Matthews turn Republican!

Speaking of, we have a look at the president’s proposed budget.What a good one it would be, if only the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives.We do get a glimpse of what the Democrats want to do while they have control.

In the Peoples’ Republic of California they want to mandate voting by everyone.Now, if they can tell you must vote, how long is it before they can tell you how to vote?Here in Florida we step into the Wayback machine and go back just a couple of years where Visit Florida spending was under scrutiny.The state’s won a court battle over subpoenas for records of how the state money was spent.Quid-pro-quo that one!


The XFL- worth your time

In a Handbasket:

·Schoolpidity: Kid, Finger Gun, Cops

FT: Limbaugh rode POLARIZING views to success?

Watching Chris Matthews turn Republican

If Republicans ran the House- Trump’s budget

If Dems keep control

CA: if they can tell you that you must vote…how long before they tell you how?

Wayback Machine: House wins battle over Lagasse TV funding subpoena

VA Senate blocks one Northam bill, but others pending

Assault Weapons ban advances in VA

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