IN A HANDBASKET: Trading Jesus for WHAT?

While you may still be cheering (or crying) over the Super Bowl, guess what?It’s Football Season again!The Rekindled XFL kicks off this weekend with two games televised on Saturday and another two on Sunday.All are in the afternoon or early evening.For those of us who just like the game, it’s worth a try.

IN A HANDBASKET could literally be following the theme song for the segment today.Evangelist Franklin Graham has a tour of the UK scheduled for coming months.Yesterday he learned that all 7 of the tour venues have cancelled on him and his Christian message because of pressure from LGBT groups.The folks needing tolerance the most certainly don’t care to exhibit it themselves.

Iowa is the new Florida.The AP reports they can’t declare a Democratic winner in Iowa because Iowa can’t get the numbers right.That’ll give us the chance to look at what one observer calls the systemic racism of the Iowa Caucuses.

We'll have other stories in play as we get though the morning and we’ll have Representative Tyler Sirois with us in our 8am hour with a legislative update.


Football is NOT over- it’s just beginning

In a Handbasket:

·Trading Jesus for WHAT?

IOWA- can’t declare a winner

Iowa Caucus-now systemic racism

FL DEP has dust up over Girl Scout Cookie solicitation

Pot and Pistols amendments get a look

VA Senate blocks one Northam bill, but others pending

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