It was a short night.The State of the Union was just under an hour and a half long.It was a good address and it, as the president is always, was upbeat on America.President Trump highlighted some very good things about the economy and laid out some worthwhile goals.We’ll talk them a little later today.

We’ll begin our day with some local news and a former councilman who is not being charged for the oversize spitball.IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see what Hillary blames for her presidential loss in 2016.

Then we’ll take on the State of the Union and your impressions, the president presenting Rush the Medal of Freedom and more.If we have time we’ll get into assertions that Iowa’s Caucuses are systemic racism, the pot and pistols amendments in Florida and more.

After all, it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and you drive the train on this day on BML.


No paper cut, no foul

In a Handbasket:

·Hillary on why she loses elections

President Trump delivers pointed State of the Union

President presents Rush with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Iowa Caucus-now systemic racism

Pot and Pistols amendments get a look

State of the Union- under attack…by congress

VA Senate blocks one Northam bill, but others pending

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