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Parkland Dad Removed From SOTU

(Washington, DC) -- A South Florida congressman is coming to the defense of the father of one of the Parkland shooting victims. Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter in the 2018 school shooting, was ejected from last night's State of the Union address after an outburst. When President Trump mentioned protecting gun rights, Guttenberg apparently yelled 'what about the victims of gun violence, like my daughter.' Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch tweeted that Guttenberg deserves an answer, and it's shameful that the President is doing nothing about gun violence. 

Man Arrested For Luring Teen To Park Through Dating App

(Ocoee, FL) -- An incident in an Orange County park could serve as a warning to parents. Ocoee Police arrested a 28-year-old Pasco County man this week after he allegedly lured a 13-year-old girl to Bob Sorenson Field. Police believe Clayton Colburn met the girl through an app called Yubo where he pretended to be a 16-year-old boy. Yubo launched five years ago as a way for people as young as 13 to make friends all around the world, and it has over 20 million users. 

Two Arrested For Facebook Attack

(Apopka, FL) -- A Facebook post appears to be at the heart of a violent attack in Orange County. Deputies arrested a woman and her boyfriend this week after they allegedly choked a woman and stole her phone. Apopka's Shelby Jackson and Darryl Almandoz were apparently upset about a Facebook post the victim made over a week earlier that they thought was in reference to them. The 23-year-old Jackson and 27-year-old Almandoz are facing charges that include robbery and burglary, and Jackson is also facing a battery charge. 

Winter Haven Police Looking Into Who Fired At Officer

(Winter Haven, FL) -- Police in Polk County are looking to see who shot at an officer. Winter Haven Police Officer Luis Garcia says shots were fired at him this weekend as he investigated reports of gunfire on Avenue P Northwest. Garcia claims to have seen at least four muzzle flashes in his direction, and after drawing his gun, a car came toward him, but he jumped out of the way to avoid being hit. The car then crashed, and a 19-year-old passenger was arrested, but it's not clear if he fired at Garcia.

West Melbourne's Lucky's Market To Close

(West Melbourne, FL) West Melbourne Mayor Hal Rose announced yesterday that organic grocery store Lucky's Market will close. Two weeks ago the store on West New Haven Ave was said to be one of just seven Lucky's around the country that would stay open, but the company said yesterday it has agreed to sell the store to Southeastern Grocers. Rose tells Florida Today the closing sale will begin this week, and the store manager loves the community support they have gotten.

Father Says Warnings Of School Violence Were Ignored

(Hollywood, FL) -- A Broward County father is upset that his warnings of school violence were ignored. Hollywood's Derrick Brooks says he told officials at MacArthur High School that his son had been repeatedly threatened with violence, but nothing was done. A group of classmates allegedly attacked Brooks' 17-year-old son on Friday at the school, and Brooks says his son suffered injuries to his head, arm and back. Brooks tells Local 10 News the school needs a new head of security. 

Ohio Man Receives 55,000 Copies Of Same Letter

(Twinsburg, OH) -- An Ohio man is wondering what to do after receiving a massive amount of duplicate letters in the mail. Dan Cain went to the post office in Twinsburg recently when a clerk told him to go around the back of the building. Turns out College Avenue Student Loans sent him 55-thousand identical letters of his daughter's loan statement because of a system glitch. To add insult to injury, Cain says the company sent him an incorrect statement. The letters required dozens of bins to load up and two trips to get them home.

Wendy's Launches Nationwide Breakfast On March 3rd

(Dublin, OH) -- Get ready for Wendy's to include breakfast on its menu, everywhere. About 300 locations already offer it, but as of March 3rd it'll be served nationwide. The fast food chain tweeted the news while roasting McDonald's. It wrote "Yeah, we wouldn't wake up for your breakfast either." Some of the items include the Breakfast Baconator, a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and Frosty-ccino.

Belize Sending 3 People & Co-Workers On Free Trip

(Belize) -- There's a new contest for anyone feeling overworked and in serious need of a getaway. Belize is giving away four free nights including airfare, hotel, and an activity such as snorkeling with sharks. The tourism board says 55-percent of people don't take a vacation because of co-worker guilt. This ten-thousand dollar trip aims to fix that. Simply fill out a form on 'belize-guilt-trip-dot-com" and nominate a co-worker by February 18th. Six people in all will be chosen for travel between March and May.


2016, Twitter announced that it shut down more than 125-thousand accounts since the middle of 2015 for promoting terrorist acts.

2002, a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, indicted the man dubbed the "American Taliban" on ten charges. John Walker Lindh was accused of conspiring to kill Americans with Osama bin Laden's terrorist network.

1971, the Apollo 14 astronauts, Alan Shepard Jr. and Edgar Mitchell, landed on the moon.

1953, Walt Disney's full length animated feature "Peter Pan" debuted.

1850, Frank Baldwin patented the first adding machine. It was 20 inches high and weighed ten pounds.

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