Rush Limbaugh- Shocking News and Reaction

The mail and texts began blowing up around 3pm yesterday.When that happens it’s big news.Yesterday it was also sad and concerning news.The undisputed leader of our business, Rush Limbaugh, had announced at the close of his show that he has “advanced lung cancer.”We certainly wish Rush the best as he undergoes treatment and our prayers are with him through it all.We aren’t alone in that.How many of us in the talk radio business would not be here at all if Rush had not launched into prominence in the late 80’s?There are many of us who owe him for us having a career.

In rising to that prominence Rush also became a lightening rod and a figure whose every word was scrutinized.He survived it all.But there are some, like there were with the death of Kobe Bryant, that can’t let go of their negative perceptions, even in light of devastating news for anyone.Compassion?No thanks.We’ll look at it IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

We’ll begin our day at Burger King…and the lawsuit they face is at the same time funny and serious.We’ll ask how you perceived the Incredible Whopper.

Iowa could be the new Florida.What if you were tapped to throw the first election party of the year and then couldn’t come up with results?You’d be Iowa, that’s what.We go there and make some sense of it, or not, starting at 7am.


What was YOUR impression of the Incredible Whopper?

In a Handbasket:

·Reaction to Rush’s announcement

·The other side of the coin

Iowa’s Indecision

“Quality Control” issues

Buttigieg- WINNING!

Reality settling in for the left?

Trump acquittal coming Wednesday

House bill would stop TDC taxes for pro sports

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