It’s Called BURGER King, Right?

A topic on Tuesday’s show caught me by surprise.Burger King is being sued by a vegan who objected to the cooking process at the fast food place because there was cross contamination of his “meatless” burger, The Impossible Whopper.Impossible may just be the key word here.

Having a friend who is vegan for health reasons, I do understand the cross contamination concerns.My friend ingests no meat products and the sudden introduction of meat proteins into a meatless diet can cause some rather unpleasant distress.But, can this plaintiff not get that this IS Burger King?It’s not a bastion of health food and non-meat choices.It’s a burger joint and a fast food one at that.Were there no warning lights going off when the vegan entered the burger place?

Admittedly, BK’s advertising was strong on the implication that this was meatless Nirvana and that there was no meat in this burger that tasted just like…a burger.But look around the place.There are multiple burger choices and ONE, count ‘em one, that claims no meat.Is there any chance the one choice is escaping the kitchen with no meat byproducts attached?I think not.

While BK is being a bit over the top in response to the suit on what the vegan plaintiff should have known or asked before ordering, they aren’t wrong in the idea that the customer does bear some responsibility if the customer has special dietary concerns.So meatless doesn’t mean vegetarian or vegan and BK means your health needs aren’t likely to be served anyway.It seems simple, yet the lawsuit is in play.

Now, if I can only find some calorie reducing pizza, Nirvana may be within reach!

CONGRATULATIONS Daryl Wattenbarger.


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