Just like the Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell movie named for the date, the script was written over the course of these playoffs leading to last night’s Super Bowl.The Chiefs would get behind.The lead at some point would seem insurmountable and then the Chiefs would pull off the miracle win.Wake up the following weekend and repeat.And the Chiefs did just that.

We’ll talk the Super Bowl a bit as we begin our day.We’ll look at teams for too long left on the outside and a better idea for handling the big game weekend and the commercials that, with a few exceptions, just weren’t very good.

In our usual fare, IN A HANDBASKET shows us a couple of reasons it’s not smart to elect the top tier democrats to the presidency.Bill Kristol has a major political gender reveal and the president’s impeachment acquittal is set for Wednesday, the day after he delivers the State of the Union.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood explains the use of facial recognition technology in Volusia County investigations. Some folks don’t like the idea, but used as the sheriff indicates, it’s a great tool.

Jim Banke will join us in hour three today as talk in congress has the unknowing talking funding and priorities for space.Jim says not all is as it may appear.


Super Bowl makes Chiefs Champs…who’s missing out?

In a Handbasket:

·Why we can’t elect a Democrat-1

·Why we can’t elect a Democrat-2

Super Bowl Saturday or Monday a better idea?

Bill Kristol reveals who he really is

Sheriff Chitwood talks use of facial recognition in Volusia investigations

Trump acquittal coming Wednesday

Jim Banke on Moon/Mars and Congress

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