CNN Gets it, Why Can’t John Roberts?

Dave Chappelle’s comedy may be vile, but he’s honest.He takes a brutal, take no prisoners look at society and now he’s talking politics.We open our day there.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to the NBA where there was a massive brawl on the floor the other night.The NBA will handle the issue, but what’s more important?It’s a player’s statement that just might be offensive.

The NBA is not the only forum housing idiots.New York City is our next stop.

Wait, we’re not done.We go next to Washington, DC and the impeachment trial of President Trump.Even CNN sees the value in direct testimony and the whistleblower bringing it.If CNN can see it, why can’t John Roberts?Randy Paul has taken his denied question public and we’ll bring it into play as well.

In hour three Representative Tyler Sirois joins us with this week’s legislative update.Both the House and Senate have released budget ideas and they don’t quite match up.We’ll look at that and other legislation in play this week in Tallahassee.


Chappelle: Trump supporters not his enemy

In a Handbasket:

·NBA brawl, but the cry is for apology for hurt feelings

What we face in today’s world- idiots

When CNN gets it why can’t John Roberts?

Rand Paul takes the question public

Finally- one city stands up to crosswalk nonsense

Senate, DeSantis differ on teacher pay hike

Senate has a budget plan

House budget not as big

Felon voting at 11th Circuit may go badly for non-criminals

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