FLASH THIS: Melbourne Stands Against Dangerous Crosswalks

If I asked you which cities in the US are the most deadly what would you say?Washington, DC?Chicago?New York or Los Angeles?What if I told you all of those are wrong?I’ll do just that as we get our discussion started this morning.

IN A HANDBASKET takes a look at cancel culture at Yale.You’re white, you’re straight and you’re from some point back in history. Well, we aren’t teaching about you!

People like the idea of local elections being nonpartisan. We have a story that can illustrate why they are not a good idea and just what some democratic officials will do if given a chance.And why not, the media already has…and one such example has been turned on CNN.

I don’t get it.I have protected the identity of undercover cops and informants…right up until the court said they must be identified in order to obtain a conviction.Then, on the stand they go.But George W. Bush’s mistake, that is Chief Justice John Roberts, is protecting the impeachment whistleblower with the fate of a presidency on the line.


America’s deadliest cities

In a Handbasket:

·When history is too white & straight to study

Where some democratic leadership will take you

CNN laugh at Trump voters turned on them

Whistleblower more protected than undercover cops

Finally- one city stands up to crosswalk nonsense

Senate, DeSantis differ on teacher pay hike

Felon voting at 11th Circuit may go badly for non-criminals

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