WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Diversity, Honesty and Poop in the Streets

Stephen King was recently assailed by the leftist crowd in Hollywood for saying that awards should be based on excellence as opposed to diversity.He has spoken again to clarify his comments.Why?Because you have to speak very slowly when speaking to the diversity crowd.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to MIZZOU (who fell hard to my Mountaineers in basketball the other day) where monitoring the location of all of the students all of the time is now a thing.They say it’s for measuring attendance, but is that the whole story?

When does honesty hurt you?When you give your opinion to a college newspaper and the college doesn’t like what you say.A football coach is on suspension for it.

Do you like the Super Bowl being in Miami?Do you like it enough to throw a ton of money at the NFL to make it happen?Miami, apparently, does.

Did you know San Francisco had a guy in charge of making sure the streets are clean?Did you think he was doing a good job with all that human waste and drug paraphernalia all over the place?Did you know the FBI has arrested him?Could it be for the poop in the streets?

Here in Florida the House is backing a law to correct the problem for concealed weapons carriers and their churches that happen to house schools during the week.The Senate and the governor are at odds on teacher pay and the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals is considering fairness to criminals in voting and it seems to be without regard to victims of their crimes.

Finally, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- what do you have for us today?


You must speak slowly for the diversity crowd

In a Handbasket:

·Big Brother at Mizzou

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House backs concealed carry at church measure

Senate, DeSantis differ on teacher pay hike

Felon voting at 11th Circuit may go badly for non-criminals

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